Vintage Poster


Yesterday we launched Fourth Cone Restoration’s website, as well as its official Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter pages. The response was overwhelmingly positive and we look forward to meeting all our new clients in person.

Our company is owned by three women. We met a few years ago and over time discovered we had a common deep desire to do something more with our lives. We wanted to create something that would last. We decided that now was the time, that all roads were pointing us toward this logical conclusion, to form our own business together. Most importantly, we felt the right kind of confidence in each other as business partners.

Another thing the three of us share is a love for restoring old things that need help. We feel we are contributing in a tangible way to the preservation of our clients’ personal histories. We can’t imagine anything we’d rather devote our lives to.

In the coming weeks I will be adding various new posts about our different projects, so that you can better understand what we do here, our services, and how different issues in restoration can be approached. I hope to hear back from you with any questions or requests for future posts!

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